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Natural Gas Compression

  • In association with our highly reputed oversees partner, we provides natural gas compression service in a dedicated, professional and cost effective way in India.
  • In order to provide uninterrupted service, we maintain an extensive inventory of spare parts for equipment at all locations. We maintain full staff of dedicated & qualified engineers, supervisors & operators who are trained to ensure the highest level of professional services to our valued clients.
  • We have an inventory of Motor and Engine driven Natural Gas compressors available for charter hire to Oil and Gas companies. We can provide Compressors from 50 HP to 1500 HP and more.

We provide services on following basis:

  • Build Own Operate Transfer
  • Build Own Operate
  • Dry Lease Or Wet Lease (charter hire)
  • Operation and Maintenance Services

Artificial Lifting system

In old and depleting reservoirs , production of hydrocarbon decreases because of decreased "Reservoir Pressure", to enhance the production we need to use artificial lifting mechanisms.

We are Indian Agent/representative of world's top manufacturer and service providers of respective products. Along with our reputed principal we provide high quality and cost effective services in:

(1) Sucker Road pumps

  • We design, supply, installation and commissioning of SRP units.
  • We carry out the operation and maintenance of SRP units.

(2) Electrical Submersible Pumps

When we have lift high volume because of high water cut , ESP is the solution. Along with our principal , who is world leader in ESP , we provide ESP services on :

  • Build Own Operate Transfer
  • Build Own Operate
  • Dry Lease Or Wet Lease (charter hire)
  • Supply & Installation

(3) Progressive Cavity Pumps

The PCP is a flexible system, offer outstanding resistance to abrasives and solids. We provide following services :

  • Build Own Operate Transfer
  • Build Own Operate
  • Dry Lease Or Wet Lease (charter hire)
  • Supply & Installation

Well Services

We provides different well services in association with our overseas principal a leading Well Services unit manufacturer.

WE offer following services

  • Dry Lease Or Wet Lease (charter hire)
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Supply & spare partss

(1) Nitrogen pumping units

We can provide Skid mounted Nitrogen Pumping Unit as well as truck mounted unit equipped with Liquid Nitrogen Tank. These units have advanced data acquisition system to monitor and record real time parameters such as pressure, nitrogen discharge flow rate and temperature.

(2) Hot oil pumping units

Chassis mounted Hot Oil Circulation Unit is highly automated and designed with electric system, hydraulic system, pneumatic system and mechanical transmission system.

High-pressure units remove paraffin from well tubing & pipelines.

All control devices are mounted on the control console for convenient operation.Design of the manifold can meet the requirements under different working conditions, such as high temperature and high pressure, high temperature and low pressure, low temperature and high pressure, low temperature and low pressure. The temperature can be automatically controlled.

Our operating crew is well experienced and having depth knowledge on Oil Field operations.

(3) Acid pumping units

Trailer mounted unit has triplex pumps option from 600- 2250 HP. Unit is well equipped with real time flow and data recording.

Rate of unit is controlled by computer for precision operation.

Low centre of gravity for difficult terrain.

(4) Coil tubing units

Coil tubing has also been used as a cost effective way of work-over operations. It is used to perform open hole drilling and milling operations. It can also be used to fracture the reservoir, a process where fluid is pressurised to thousands of psi on a specific point in a well to break the rock apart and allow the flow of product. Coil tubing can perform different operation for oil well operations.

Well Testing Services

Our oversees partner has vast worldwide offshore and land operational experience , including trailer mounted, offshore, and heliportable skids with all ranges of pressure and production rates. We offer professional expertise for client support in design and supervision of well testing operations.

We have dedicated equipment for solids and fluids recovery for frac flowback, underbalance drilling, and stimulation operations.

Associated services:

  • Flow Heads
  • Surface Safety Valves
  • ESD Systems - Emergency Shut Down
  • Choke Manifolds
  • Data Headers
  • 3 Phase Separator
  • Surge Tanks
  • Early Production Facilities
  • Real Time Data Acquisition
  • Multi Phase Meters

Production Facilities

(1) Early production systems /Modular production systems

We supply Oil and gas plants for standard and sour services. These are designed and commissioned facilities to provide unique solutions to improve oil and gas production.

Specialized fast track "first oil" process to provide commercial products earlier.

Puts remote fields on production, can be integrated with main system.

  • System sale
  • Build-Own-Operate (BOO)
  • Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT)

(2) Metering skids

We Offers the Gas Metering Skids with Filtration, Flow Metering - Ultrasonic Flow Meters as well as Turbine Meters - Flow Computation, Gas Chromatography and Flow Control for final end users. Main application areas are Fertilizer Plants, Power Plants or feeding to a particular City's Gas Distribution Network.

Pigging services

(1) Early production systems /Modular production systems

We provides a full-range of solutions to the pipeline industry for both onshore and offshore applications. The primary purpose of pipeline pigging systems is to clean pipelines and to obtain vital information concerning the integrity of the pipeline.

Our mobile equipment and highly-trained personnel to develop and execute cost-effective solutions for a variety of pipeline challenges.

The diversity of our equipment and experience provides our customers with services to handle both liquid and gas projects, and solutions for large transmission lines, smaller gathering lines and every pipeline challenge in between.

  • System sale
  • Build-Own-Operate (BOO)
  • Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT)